Monday, May 2, 2011


Jeannette dad was not like her mom he visit her almost every time when she was in hospital. Even one day her dad leaned over her bed and asked Jeannette if the nurses and doctors were treating her ok, that’s how much he care about her, and Jeannette know that her dad care about when her dad asked her that question she answer him back they were nice and friendly. So this is proves that how much her dad care about her unlike her mom which is not care about her, if her mom her about her she would not tell her to cook hot dog.

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  1. You're making a good comparison here--that's smart. Jeannette wants you to know how close her and her dad are, because above all else, this book is about her relationship with her father.

    Make sure you cite the page numbers for the evidence you gave (what page was the Mom's hot dog incident on? What page did her dad ask her if she was OK?)