Tuesday, May 17, 2011

blog 12

Couple of events that are happening in Jeannettes life are her parents. Her parents don't care about jeannette and her siblings. The dad spends most of his money gambling and drinking while her mom waste most of her time just drawing things. In the beginning of the book jeannette burns her self while making food for her self because her mom refused to do it for her. Jeannette knows her dad is an alcoholic but she still loves him. She tried to make her dad stop drinking, so he could provide for the family but nothing changed. He was fired several times of his drinking. The mom has a degree in education but she doesn't want to teach because she's lazy and she cares more about drawing than teaching and getting paid.

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  1. This doesn't quite fulfill the prompt. I am looking for specific evidence about how you FEEL about her life, and then another developed paragraph about how she feels about her life.

    For example, it's interesting that she could have lived such a hard life, and still she doesn't HATE her parents. She loves them, but thinks they are flawed. She also doesn't seem to feel sorry for herself, even though we feel sorry for her.