Saturday, May 21, 2011

blog 11

When Rex WALL, the father asks his children the question "hav I ever let you dwn?", they respond by saying "no". All childeren don't like seing their parents sad or disapionted. I think Jannett feels lke her father let her down, but doesn't want to tell him. She believes that her father will be heart broken knowing that he let his family, espasially his daughter down. I think that he did let Jannett down. He set a bad role model when he sarted to become an alcoholic. Some days he wouldn't come home for nights. This kept the family in worries. I think he let Jannett down fornot being a good role model and not trying to help and rebuild his relationship between him and his family.

Blogg 14

When instructors put page limits, they are concerned of "tightneing wordy sentences".this means making a sentence with discribtion shorter and leaving out important words or meaning.Sometimes,tightening wordy sentnces is a bad thing. Usaully, it is unprefered in essays and other writing assignments. Using this concept makes sentences unclear most of the time. This is why instructors are concerned about "tightening wordy sentences" when there is page minimum.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

blog 13

I think the trust between Jannett and her father is lost. She feels like her farther lied to her. Jannett tells her father she doesn't believe in the glass castle anymore (283). When Jannett leaves, it show that she is mad at her father. I thik this is an important part for the book, because it shows the emotions of Jannett.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

blog 12

Couple of events that are happening in Jeannettes life are her parents. Her parents don't care about jeannette and her siblings. The dad spends most of his money gambling and drinking while her mom waste most of her time just drawing things. In the beginning of the book jeannette burns her self while making food for her self because her mom refused to do it for her. Jeannette knows her dad is an alcoholic but she still loves him. She tried to make her dad stop drinking, so he could provide for the family but nothing changed. He was fired several times of his drinking. The mom has a degree in education but she doesn't want to teach because she's lazy and she cares more about drawing than teaching and getting paid.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog 10. experiment

My experiment took me about 10 minutes and 20 seconds.What this tells me is that am a slow reader and i have to improve my reading skills. i think i will perform better if i reread it again. Because reading things over and over again it becomes easier the next time you read it.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Jeannette dad was not like her mom he visit her almost every time when she was in hospital. Even one day her dad leaned over her bed and asked Jeannette if the nurses and doctors were treating her ok, that’s how much he care about her, and Jeannette know that her dad care about when her dad asked her that question she answer him back they were nice and friendly. So this is proves that how much her dad care about her unlike her mom which is not care about her, if her mom her about her she would not tell her to cook hot dog.